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Welcome to GoGoSocial. We make
social media easy and affordable
with a range of all-inclusive plans
to boost your online presence and
drive traffic and sales to your website.
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Why us

GoGoSocial will help you tap into the power of social media, build new relationships and reach new audiences. No hidden costs. No extra staff. No hassle. Just affordable, all-inclusive packages that deliver payback and place your business at the centre of the social media world.

Key benefits:

  1. End-to-end service
  2. Return on investment
  3. All-in prices
  4. Made for you

How we help

Every business can benefit from social media. Until now, however, it has been complex and costly. GoGoSocial makes it easy and affordable for any business, large or small.

End-to-end service From creating your social media profiles - to building your audience and engaging with your fans - to protecting your online reputation and driving traffic to your website, we do it all.

We create & design your social media profiles

We grow your social media audience every day

We talk to your audience around the clock (inc. evenings & weekends)

We build genuine engagement & relationships with your audience

We answer on your behalf when your audience contacts you

We monitor, protect & manage your online reputation

We influence the buying behaviour of your audience

We generate traffic to your website & sales enquiries

We improve your SEO using social media

We skyrocket your social credibility 100% organically

We report back to you monthly, weekly, even daily with results

We deliver payback way in excess of your investment

Return on investment

From helping you generate leads and stand out from the crowd, to driving sales,
GoGoSocial will make social media pay for your business.

7,500 tweets mentioning your website guarantees page 1 on Google.

(goes to show how Big G loves social media - the new formula for SEO)

Source: Branded3

Facebook is the leading source of referral traffic to websites.

(Twitter is second)

Source: Pooky Shares

34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and 20% have closed deals.

Source: Mindjumpers

Facebook is the most important social media lead generation tool for B2B marketers.

(with 77% saying they have acquired a customer through Facebook)

Source: Marketing Charts

Made for you

Your business is unique and GoGoSocial aims to make your online presence
just as distinctive, by personalising everything we do to your brand, your products or services, and your personality.

Bringing your brand to life socially

It pays to be original in business. That's why instead of providing one-size fits all solutions, we customise the way we work to you, and recreate all the things your customers love about your brand offline, online. Everything we do and say will be 100% on-brand.

Your personal progress reports

To help you keep track of progress and monitor audience growth, interactions and behaviour, we’ll create personalised reports for your business. Our detailed analysis lets you see at a glance how your business is growing online month by month.

New opportunities for your business

With experts in every area of social media, we'll continually look for new online opportunities for your brand. We'll help you make more of your budget, to outsmart the competition, create a buzz and make a big impact on potential customers.


GoGoSocial was born out of a desire to democratise social media, to make it relevant and affordable for any business, from the local butcher to a company employing 100+ staff.

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Our audience is building and interacting more every day. We’ve even sold a property through Facebook without the buyer setting a foot inside. Lester Hurst, Hunters Property Group
Highly recommended to any brand that wants to build their social media presence. Andy Webb, British Basketball League
It takes away all the headache, it’s affordable and it works. We’ve had over 500 sales enquiries through Twitter alone. Jamie Hutchinson, Zappt

All-in prices

With GoGo Social payment is refreshingly straightforward. Try our service before you buy on one social network. Then start to grow your online presence from month-to-month across more social networks. Build a flexible solution to suit your business and budget.


All clients start with a 4 week trial. We complete an audit & advise the best social network to start you off on.


After 28 days we analyse your results & create a report showing how we did.


Using data from your trial we produce a forecast showing what social media will do for your business long-term.


We develop a 12 month tailor-made social media strategy and campaign for your business.


Up to this point there’s no obligation. If you decide to continue we’ll ask you to sign a 12 month agreement for £399/month.


You can add more social networks to your campaign. If we get results, simply add them to your monthly plan.


We can provide a dedicated account manager to answer all audience interactions, produce even more engaging content & protect your brand. Price on application.

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Our business is to help you increase yeour online presence and get you greater exposure to sell your products or services. Get in touch and we'll explain the right all-inclusive plan for you.

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If you decide to go it alone, here are some top tips:

No audience means nobody’s listening (the equivalent of talking to an empty room!). Your first job in social media is to build a large and relevant audience.

Don’t forfeit common sense and hire your niece, nephew or any other recent college grad (say, your friend’s sister-in-law’s kid) because “they’re really good on Facebook.” Social media is very powerful and in the wrong hands can destroy a cherished brand.

Facebook posts and Tweets are often ill-timed. Office hours can be the worst time to share content. While you may work Monday through Friday, social networks are humming with activity 24/7. Adapt to your consumers' schedules for maximum results.

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